Coming from Las Vegas, Nevada, Meccamee is a group of talented individuals that share a love for hip hop through dance. Started in 2003 by friends, Meccamee has been performing in numerous shows and competitions that have allowed them to express their passion in a style of their own.

this is probably THE biggest workshop of the year!

our friends from high profile are hosting the choreo cookies workshop! and guess what? this 2 day workshop all starts TODAY!

day 1: come out and take classes by

  • chris martain (1st class)
  • sy bartolome (2nd class)
  • keone madrid (3rd class)

day 2: cookies experience

the 2nd day will beyond the choreography and movement and will be a true workshop environment. we will give you insight as to how we work, stage, clean, prepare, and any other questions you have.

then you will have the opportunity to apply it yourself by stage a choreographed piece, by a member(s) of choreo cookies. with other students taking the workshop. each group, coached by a member of cookies, will then have the opportunity to perform their creative block to the rest of the participants.

this “cookies experience” is an exercise straight out of rehearsals and will hopefully offer you something you can take with your crews, teams, and overall dance.

-keone madrid

when: classes will start at 4pm.

where: at hi-def studio (6393 decatur st. las vegas, 89084)


  • one class: $18
  • one full day: $40
  • both days: $75
  • full workshop package: $100 (entire workshop w/ snapback, shirt included!)

come out and have this join this unbelievable experience today! trust, you wouldn’t want to sleep on this one!

if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact high profile at: